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Spring Sonnet

Due to some disheartening news I received today I was not going to get any more school work done tonight.  I intended that I was going to do some more blogging.  Since I have vacated my blog for about a month; I have immersed myself in virtual school.  However, I changed my mind and pushed to finish the work I intended at the beginning of the day.  In order to shut my brain down, even though I am physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted, I am going to challenge myself with a sonnet.


As I look I recall the summer trees,

Recall the chill, the rain and tight within.

Summer a memory in fall for me,

The colored fallen twins lie dead with kin.


Unlike Frost I see decay lay in rot,

Under moss digesting; ecology.

Sticks, logs and undergrowth covered as sot,

Downtrodden, carpeting all we can see.


Thoreau with majesty shows us the same,

But rejoicing this natural shows blindness.

What can been learned from this death; just pain,

No, once snow covered now lacking caress


Shoots, sprout and buds will consume ourselves,

Translucent green recycles the layered leaves. 

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