Excited to share!!!

Although it comes with no shock to me my daughter shared quite a humorous and creative video. As I mentioned, I was not surprised because she has been able to make me laugh for her entire life. She has been tremendously creative with her intellect and humor. Randomly when she was seven years old, she inquired, as though she was asking a serious question that had been an incredible burden to her and needed me to assist in her unshackling her from the query, “Daddy, why did the janitor flush the toilet?” Me, not taking the question as a joke, I felt I was a failure because I was unable to assist her I her quest for an answer. I replied, “I don’t know hun,” and frowned. She became excited because she was able to respond to my failure with this, “because it was his d-ooooo-t!” Noticing the joke, I knew then that she was always able to make me laugh.

While she and I were on a walk this afternoon after dinner we were talking and she asked, “did I play the song I came up with?” I said, “no, did you write it?” “Well, I didn’t come up with the song, but I changed the words. You know the song from Polar Express, “When Christmas Comes to Town”? I changed it to “When Corona Comes to Town”.” Like I said before, I was not surprised she could come up with something like this; I’m excited she allowed me to share with you.

“When Corona Comes to Town”, written and performed by Rachelle Harrison

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