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Thoughts of Spring

A good friend once expresses to me that she loved hiking in the spring time. She explained that there were a few days that met her requirements to be within the “favorite” time off year for hiking. Coyly, she explained to me, “it’s helpful for it to have recently rained,” but not much more information was given. Further confusing matters she extended, “you know it is the right time of year when you are in it.”

Being fairly well read, and understanding the importance of spring time I understand the festivities celebrating the perfection in timing that the Vernal Equinox presents. Globally religions and cultures take this time to great the resurrection of life. This life, like a calendar, is not just born, but is new, experiencing the world for the first time and with this experience holds prosperity for the future. I was reminded of my friend’s connection to this window of the season when I went for a walk through the woods near my house one late April afternoon.

Lush undergrowth greeted my boots as I trespassed into their home. Opulent vibrance radiated energy through the trees. Liberating with light green seemed to make the post drizzle afternoon almost bright. Innocent and fresh were the shoots of foliage; their incandescence was appealing and filled me with excitement. The tactile taste in the air was tangible; tremulous. Affluent, to say the least, was the efforts those buds on the branches, the tender saplings surviving from the ground and the libations in the form of fronds spread out for all to see, but without intentions of being seen.

Even thought it has always been around me it was not until I unwittingly wondered into the woods that spring day that I could relate to and understand the allure of a small special time that season held. Spring now, holds a special time in my mind too. I choose to celebrate it and encourage it toward prosperity as much as I can. Immersing myself into it, like walking on a green field of fresh fiddleheads who have never been trodden, would be unforgivable. I can only imagine what it might be like to gain a full experience with this specific time of the spring season, but I am satisfied to foster the growth of the season and know that having withheld my steps will allow for then growths to flourish.

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