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Through the night, while I was unable to sleep, I formulated the latest query for the book that I have written.  A query, for those who are like me until a few years ago, is a description of your book that you would submit to agents to see if they want to represent you, and/or publishers to see if they have any interested in working with you to print your book.  I considered that my book might appear as stale as described in my query because the impetus for the actions of the book were the 911 attacks on NYC.  Clearly, although “we will never forget”, 911 is not all that well remembered.  Consider this when you evaluate my query:

What does Pearl Harbor, 911, and the Corona virus have in common other?  They are all times in the American psyche that universally altered the way we viewed ourselves and how we interact with each other, united against a common enemy; ourselves.  Wealth is often the illusion of independence; for many, wealth is not only an illusion of independence wealth is also the wool pulled over our eyes by which the wealthy are restricted and controlled through the manacles of possession.  19 years ago the bombing of the World Trade Center was an event in the United States of America that unified almost everyone with a vow to “Never Forget”; unified because there was a singular force to fight against.  Unfortunately, the persons who will never forget did not acknowledge or admit their own sins in creating the derision to begin; perhaps they indeed have forgotten…

Taking on an individual person’s greed, racism and class structure in the wake of the 9/11 attack Our Winter Metamorphosis uses the vehicle of a 21-year-old “Everyman” college student, Joe, journeying across the country.  A modern “rode tale” in which Joe’s life will alter through breaking down his personal image through viewing his reflection and adjusting the way he views himself as an individual, witnessing how he and his actions are cogs in the national community and worldwide machine.  Growing up with white privilege is often difficult to acknowledge, Joe didn’t see it.  When one doesn’t see the results of personal posterity it is nearly impossible to admit ones’ own benefit even while others suffer.

Having been a member of the “human condition” for 40 years, an educator for close to two decades and a parent for 14 years I have the need to expose the world to the truth of their viral apathy.  As a heterosexual white male who does not suffer from guilt but who struggles with seeing what the culture is forcing upon the youth; this book was written out of necessity and honesty.  This book came from a valley in my life, I took inventory of who I was and determined my daughter needs to be aware of how her role as a consumer of property and media allows for the continued production of a repressed society that is continually “given cookies” to control the populace.  These “cookies”, technology, possessions, and power, do nothing beyond keeping society quiet while society becomes bloated and unhealthy.  As a teacher it is my responsibility, like with my daughter, to teach the youth how to think, not what to think.  Teach them to analyze and critique the world around them instead of accepting the cookie.

Over the past 15 years the culture has morphed in the United States of America.  People have argued that their constitutional rights have been trampled on.  The rights and what is right have been in conflict, even disagreed upon.  24 years ago Tupac Shakur, right or wrong died.  With his death the “Changes” he spoke of in the posthumously released single is still far from being realized.  Joe experiences a tapestry of events gives him perspective and new lenses with which he can now view himself, his family, his social class and the world with honestly, compassion and understanding.  Joe’s journey will teach the reader to look through their own world with honest specificity; regardless of race, gender or age.  Joe’s changes extend past the ideologies engrained in him through his upbringing and the social class; his change alters who he is as a person in a metaphysical way.  Can Joe’s journey help America to heal itself by refusing the cookie and shedding the wool?

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