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Then, they came for my privilege

They are coming for what I am privileged to, so I say, “All lives matter.”

Activism, Education, End of the world, Generation X, Slavery, Social Awareness, The Baby Boomers, The Millenials, The New Generation, The Next Generation

Ending Slavery will end the world

I have a hypothesis: Ending slavery in the United States of America can be connected to the inevitable end of the world.  Now that I have your attention, I will draw a distinct line from slavery the environmental crisis we are now faced with.  Disclaimer: I do not blame the end of slavery with the… Continue reading Ending Slavery will end the world

Activism, Education, Social Awareness, The Millenials

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing

This saying was introduced to me about 10 years ago by someone whom I now consider one of my best friends.  This saying was being related to the art of rock climbing.  Upon becoming more and more experienced as a rock climber I notice how true this statement is.  Other climbers who know a little… Continue reading A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing

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I understand there is a horrible negative connotation for the word retard.  Like with the "N Word" this word is offensive to many, especially of you know its history.  Unlike the "N" word there is an absolute alternative definition to retard.  It is the alternative definition that is the focus of my post today. For years… Continue reading Retarded