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I understand there is a horrible negative connotation for the word retard.  Like with the “N Word” this word is offensive to many, especially of you know its history.  Unlike the “N” word there is an absolute alternative definition to retard.  It is the alternative definition that is the focus of my post today.

For years I have been of the opinion that there are three types of pot smokers; I hope you liked my segue:  There are pot heads who smoke regularly, and if you didn’t know they were pot heads you wouldn’t know they were pot heads; they usually smoke at night before they go to be and it is more medicinal than anything else.  There are pot heads who rarely smoke, when they do they smoke at parties or around and they tend to act vastly different when they get high and are usually hysterical.  The third type of pot heads are the retarded ones who, everything they do is retarded.

Before anyone gets upset, allow me to elaborate.  The definition I reference of retarded means to slowed down.  The third type of pot head have slowed down mannerisms, they have a slowed down thought processes and most obvious a slowed down speech.  I have specific feelings about marijuana, I’ll be doing an entire post about it at some point, but this is about being retarded.

About 6 years ago The American Psychological Association determined that “devices” are the largest avenue of addiction.  Devices have absolutely retarded peoples’ lives.  Have you ever been walking behind someone who is talking on the phone, that slows their gait.  Ever walk behind someone who is texting!!!  No matter what, their attention is not on the other people in their immediate surrounding area.  Even more than marijuana, devices make people retarded.

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