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Feeling sexy

At a younger time in my life (a few months ago) I commented that I didn’t think clothing companies should make certain sizes of certain items.  I felt that there were items of clothing that did not make an appealing look for certain body types.  For instance, an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini shouldn’t be in any sizes larger than, maybe a medium.  Along similar lines, thongs.  Thongs should only be manufactured in sizes that are more appealing I thought.  Just to show that I was not just body shaming to women, there are certain size “bikini” type bathing suits that should not be worn by men.  Essentially, if I cannot see there is a bathing suit the manufacturer of the bathing suit made it too large, I too have realize the paradox.  “V-neck” or plunging necklines that come in an XL or higher, that is just too much for me to handle.

Therein lies the problem, too much for me to handle.  Who the hell cares what my opinion is on the topic?  Let me ask a more directed question: who the hell should care what my opinion is on the topic?  After all, if I pride myself on not concerning myself with the opinions of others then why should the caliber of my views somehow be relevant to them.  To clarify, although I am ashamed to say that I have in the past spoken the sentiments expressed above to  friends on different occasions upon seeing an example of above, I have never intentionally expressed these views to the person who was offending my eyes or my delicate taste in clothing.  Furthermore, I do not intend to offend further those whose clothing choices may not agree with my views on the subject.  If I am comfortable with myself and how I look, how can I expect others to comply with any standard above and beyond what is acceptable at the time and place of their presence?

Why do people choose to wear clothes at all?  Basics: to stay warm, to keep themselves comfortable, and to stay healthy.  During this time of Covid-19 we can see globally that mental health is as important as physical health and how you appear can change the way you look and feel mentally; wearing a mask as such is an example.  Can the clothes one wears affect their mental health?  Some religions, cultures, and beliefs might require you to wear.   Compliance with the indoctrination of these beliefs might improve the person’s mental health.  Why would someone wear such items as described above that are offensive to me?  Because they are not looking to dress to impress me, they are not looking to satisfy me, and they are not interested in my opinion; this is a fantastic thing.  They are interested in dressing in articles that keep them warm enough to be comfortable and to feel good about themselves.

Skimpy bikinis, thongs, “v-neck”, plunging necklines are often thought of as sexy.  Of course, the belief of what is sexy is personal but also is influenced by the media and the “perfect” famous people who have unreal physiques.  Regardless of a person’s body type, should they be forced to wear only a select type of clothes due to the my “tongue in cheek” belief that clothing companies should not make certain sized styles?  If wearing sexy clothing makes a person feel sexy and feel good about themselves shouldn’t they be allowed to wear it?  YES!!!  To hell with my faulty erroneous opinion of their clothing; my stupidity should not stop anyone from wearing clothing that allows them to feel good.  Maybe a Mennonite woman would not feel good about exposing their ankle; do I need to see their beautiful knee if it makes them feel bad about themselves?  Should clothing be an avenue that allows people to feel good, whether the clothing is hiding something or accentuating something else?  All should not be restricted from feeling sexy if they want, no matter what form that sexy is.

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