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Nature’s Destruction

As I enjoy a vacation with my wife, our honeymoon, I sit on the beach watching the water come in and go out. The water line alters with the dynamics of the recession of the last line. Seeing and hearing the crash of water as the ebb and flow join on the softly receding sand I felt the need to experience the nature of the joining of the waters.

I stand to join on the shoreline with the water. The moist flow washes away from my feet and crashes with the incoming wave. Both the flow and the recession of water mashup and return to the sea not meeting my feet. I remain patiently, as I see the next wave rising 10 meters out. The next wave washes softly over my feet. I remain.

The timing of this drain meets with the next peak. There is no crash, the water, I suppose, is in unity with the last ebb. This third crest passes my feet, my ankles, my calves. This crest rises higher, by far, on the shoreline than the other two. As the water passes lower on my legs, my ankles, my feet then out to toward other islands in the Atlantic I feel granular soft sand sneaking out from beneath my feet.

I have observed nature’s beauty is created by its persistence. Natures beauty is controlled by the symbiosis of its conflict. Nature’s control is that of beautiful destruction. As an observer I am awed by the simple grandeur of nature’s power. Nature will find a way to cleanse. I watch footprints turn to the experience virginal silk of a flat beach. Feeling honored to have the chance to observe nature in it’s beauty cause a deliberate extinction of human impact makes it expediently clear. Nature will win.

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