Have you gone mad?!?

To be mad in English, when I say English I do not mean American, I mean English. To be mad in English is to be crazy. Crazy as in odd, strange, bizarre, off your rocker; insane.

In America, to be mad is mostly referring to the lacking of good temper and happiness. One can be so mad that they become the English mad and that is the avenue of which we turn. When one is mad, in England and American they loose sensibilities and control over their ability to function within the world in which they live. It is a horrific state of affairs to be mad. For hundred of years there are institutions designed to help mad people (in some cases this is called prison in other cases this is called a loony bin). This affliction has been studied, there has been much growth toward understanding how madness affects a person and how one can manage their condition.

Paradox, an apparent contradiction. I wager that not many people would enjoy being mad. Few would enjoy the feeling of madness. What in the world can be done when your abilities to control your senses, your thoughts and you functionality as a human have been restricted by madness? By ALL meaningful understanding of madness there is another understanding of madness that holds people in tighter restraints than the shackles and bars of a prison or the belts, buckled and straight jackets of a crazy house. This location is where the paradox of madness lives. The location where the most perplexing madness resides is in love.

When one is madly in love they do not act sensible. When one is madly in love they are not in control over themselves or their actions. When one is madly in love they have a horrible time explaining how they feel or what the reasoning is for their emotions. When one is not madly in love they strive, drive, and urge themselves toward that location.

There is no map one can follow to reach the destination of love. There is no way to tell how close or far one is away from that destination. There is no way to measure or compare one active location to another or even use words to truthfully explain this location; only others who have been there can empathize but still not truly understand the condition of which any other individual is experiencing.

It doesn’t matter how fast a vehicle one travels is on the destination of love, they will arrive when they get there. Being there does not suggest one can measure how much they are there. Furthermore, being there may, in contrast, may not be the location of madness. However, as an archer strives for the small red circle on the target and the hunter looks to achieve the kill shot on each squeeze the lover attempts to meet the madness on the indiscriminate and never-before-seen map of love.

Working toward the quest of madness one thing is evident. Although it may be a paradox I can attest to the fact that being madly in love is an amazing place.

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