For some the path to success is clear. For them the route is planned out and already forged ahead of their departure. Knowing the path to achieve success, as it has been treed before them, does not mean there is an ease for the accessing the goal. In fact being bound by the chains of a path can be decidedly difficult for many.

For others there may not be a clear path. In fact their path may be a warbling wander of twists, missteps, bush whacking, and elevation changes. Their success may come sooner, then again may come later; no one can truly tell. There is no way to be sure or to unequivocally predict.

The connection between success and happiness can be a tedious one. Different people will measure happiness in different ways. The same can be said for their measurements of success. A person can be satisfied, feel successful and not be happy. A person could also be happy, feel satisfied but not be a measured success. Not surprisingly, another could be happily successful but still have an unquenchable thirst for satisfaction.

The quest for perfection can lead to the of the feeling of inadequacy, sorrow, and failure. These feelings may push someone to achieve higher, and hopefully they can reach a state of success, happiness, and satisfaction. However, the feeling of failure may led others to give up and delight themselves in mediocrity. Success is not measured by perfection but progress. Continued progress toward a goal will equal success. Regardless of how difficult things are perceived pushing forward, even slowly as it may seem, will produce positive results.

Keep an eye on the horizon, learn from your footsteps and don’t let anything stop your progress toward your goal.

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