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Greetings, appreciation and game

As with every day in current memory, which has been an exceptionally long time, the weather has been amazing. “Hello sibling,” an image of perfection addressed to their twin. “Greetings,” the other responded, “Have you seen our third?” “Not yet, but I’m sure we can begin without.” The second has already prepared their game for… Continue reading Greetings, appreciation and game

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The Chartered boat needs to sink

Education, like health care, has become a location where corporations can make millions of dollars. Two of the occupations that respectfully knew everything about the members of the community and permitted the community to function, like 100 years ago (see my most recent post, "A Problem with Socialism"). My experience in education has led me… Continue reading The Chartered boat needs to sink

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Who’s to say I’ve gone too far?

Is Blackface racist? It all depends, maybe... It is offensive if someone finds it offensive. That's really what it comes down to; if anything that someone feels offensive it is, by definition, offensive. No, actually, on the other hand, can we get too sensitive about things? Yes, absolutely. Someone who has not been offended by… Continue reading Who’s to say I’ve gone too far?

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The Founding Fathers have warned us over 200 years ago

Exploring the shackles of the existence in the United States the easy direction to point is the nearly daily mass shootings, the illusions of jobs without livable wages, the attack on public education through de-funding as a way to discredit its efficacy and the ballooning costs of health care with inefficient red tape.  Although these… Continue reading The Founding Fathers have warned us over 200 years ago