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I was having a really solid intellectual conversation with my wife the other day and I made mention that, “There is nothing right now that is united here (in America), at a time when we should be united to fight this pandemic, and the racism that is wagging its finger at everyone in such a blatant manner, we should be united to “stand up next to” each other (wearing a mask) for what is right, getting rid of the two virus that are plaguing the country.  If we were united in following intelligent models for what HAS WORKED IN THE PAST and is working in other countries from the beginning, the economy would be back up and running more than a month ago; hopefully.  We can even be skeptical that other countries have been lying about things, but the proof is in the pudding; their economies are up and running, ours isn’t, they are willing to travel within each other, but they want nothing to do with us; that’s the truth.  As much as I am fond of playing in the “grey areas”, this is black and white.

In response to my claim that “Even though we are the UNITED States of America, we are not united!”  My wife responded with lamentable acknowledgment, “I guess we are just the States of America…?”

Reflecting upon her comment a day later I consider the anagram of her handle for this country “SOA”.  Any bikers out there?  Anyone see where I’m going with this?  I have to admit, I have never seen the show, but understand what it is about.  I’m more interested in the name to connect to where we are right now.  SOA was a popular FX television show, SOA stood for Sons of Anarchy.  While we are not united, at ANY level in this country, the only description of where we are is in a state of anarchy.  The government is not working for the benefit of the populace.

Anarchy is a state of being where there is a lack of trusted rules.  Well, the lack of structure in the implementation of a strategy for overcoming COVID-19 and the grotesque abuse of justice and 100’s of years of lawmaking is a representation of anarchy.  We certainly do live in states of anarchy.

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