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One of the differences in my house since it has absorbed my wife is there are some additions, comforts, or things that she has become used to throughout her life is a suite of “Simple Human” products.  The past few weeks have given me a plethora of time to reflect on my house.

To begin with, allow me to clarify, my marriage is not the “normal” marriage.  This is my second marriage, her first. I have a child, she doesn’t. We each have our individual homes.  We each have individual bills. We each have individual lives. My money pays my bills, her money pays her bills.  I have been independent for most of my life.  That is not good, not bad, not even indifferent, just is.  My home was basic.  My home had all the necessities, much had been bought at a thrift store, flea market, or yard sale.  The rest of my home was given to me second hand, for free.  My home worked for me, but my requirements are simple and not complicated. My wife is a good deal more complicated. She has things that she has come accustomed to and therefore felt out of place without those items.

Throughout history, the definition of the word simple has transitioned.  At one point, “simple” meant a plant that was used as a medicine, perhaps by an apothecary.  A crude person has been referent to as a simple. Even one who was born into poverty was a simple. Simple can be seen as an adjective meaning innocent, naive, humble, or not complicated.  Truthfully, being seen as simple, one can view as complementary or as disrespectful; of course, if you are a simple you might not understand that you are being disrespected.

Human is less complicated.  As a noun, a human is a bipedal primate mammal.  As an adjective, a human is essentially referring to the noun of “human”.  Each human is not as straight forward as the definition. Each human has greatly diffused the basics of personality, empathy, creativity, intelligence, and humor (hopefully).

These simple human products are complicated, at least their name is.  These products are certainly not bipedal primate mammals and have little of a personality to endure.  They are simple in the aspect that they are not complicated. I do reflect upon my life and find that my life too has been simple, in fact, things have been less complicated than these products.  The mechanical, battery-operated, “simple” objects that make humans lives easier. I didn’t see “easy” as an option of a definition for “simple”.

The more and more I view the world the more I see human nature becoming simple.  The truth is things that make human life easier make humans simpler. The simpler things are for humans, the easier it is for humans to be taken advantage of and brainwashed; after all, if humans are not bothering to use their brains due to the fact that everything is simple is it more likely they will be susceptible to being manipulated.

If an alien race were to come to earth or some sort of AI were to take over (reality being a reflection of art) they would be able to use our own words and products to describe what they see, “Simple human!”

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