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Because I Care

In my lifetime I have made a habit of helping others.  Most recently I helped a stranger out at a brake/muffler/tire place with his bill.  I have done things as simple as hold a door for someone to allowing a homeless person to shower at my apartment and provided him with a meal and old but intact and clean clothes.  I do not explain this because I want praise, I explain this because I want you to understand the “why” of the scenario I found myself in the only time I picked up a prostitute.

I bought a new car in May of 2017.  I did what I could to keep that car as clean and nice as possible.  That said, I had upholstery cleaners riding shotgun with me in the even that I needed to clean.


There is a theory in child rearing that claims when a child cannot sleep, take them for a drive and that will lull them to sleep.  In June, I could not sleep.  I had things on my mind, and things that were bugging me, so I took a drive.  I needed gas, so I stopped at a 24 hour Cumberland Farms; it was 1:30 in the morning.  After filling up with gas I received a free hot chocolate.  Placing the hot chocolate in the insulated cup with the top on, flap opened to emit the warm beverage, into the cup holder I pulled out onto the road; the hot chocolate sloshed inside the cup inside the cup holder and splashed into my car.


In the warmth of the night with my windows down in an attempt to cool down from the humidity, I pulled over to the side of the road, turn off my car, and begin to clean the splash.  COMPLETELY focused on the detailed task of cleaning inside the every seem that held the light brown liquid I only heard the words.  “Can I get a ride?”  Of course, like I have anything better to do!  I want to finish cleaning this, then I am happy to help a stranded person.


Not looking at the passenger who is now in my car I place the upholstery cleaners on the back seat.  I buckle up, I turn on the car and pull out into the road.  “Where do you need to go?” innocently I ask.


With an attempt at sultry I hear, “Anywhere you want hot stuff.”


My eyes widen as I realize my situation.  The right directional, car just misses a parked car, the breaks.  “Right here seems about right.”


Seems as though she understood the situation, and if she were not going to make a profit from my car, she needed to find a different car.  She got out and walked away.


Like I mentioned, because I care, I picked up a hooker.

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