Activism, Social Awareness

Greetings, appreciation and game

As with every day in current memory, which has been an exceptionally long time, the weather has been amazing.
“Hello sibling,” an image of perfection addressed to their twin.
“Greetings,” the other responded, “Have you seen our third?”
“Not yet, but I’m sure we can begin without.”
The second has already prepared their game for the three siblings. They both begin their drink of honey kissed sweetened tea leaves and start to organize their stations.
Suddenly, “Hello my loves,” the third enters, “right on time as usual!”
“Oh God, just get over here,” says the first, “your drink is ready and we are ready to play.”
“Allah, it’s your turn.” said the second sibling. “I believe you had just regained a beach.”
“That’s right Yahweh, I remember. God didn’t you reinforce your economy?”
“Yes, opening factories where I can take advantage of the labor force cannot be undone.”
“Then I will be sure to defend my properties with as much force as I can labor.”
All three chuckle at Allah’s play on words, Allah roles a die, makes a notation and moves figured on the playing surface.
“Wait,” urges Yahweh, “is it my turn?”
Allah responds with infinite patience, “Yes, it is, if I am not mistaken you were working on control of commerce; not a bad idea at all.”
Without hesitation Yahweh takes the dice, rolls, with a smile collects paper from the community pile and gently hands the dice to God.
“Hmmm,” God muses the board. “Now, my forces as strong and I see I have the most power in the game, but,” God pauses rolls the dice and suggests, “I guess it’s alright that I have more.”
“Until tomorrow,” Allah poses. “It is time for us to meet with our parent Ashur. Let us join together to rejoice this paradise and enjoyment we are having with the gift of this game Ashur presented us.”
Yahweh responds quickly, raising a glass to the ceiling, “agreed, we are thankful for this opportunity to play with this game’ thanks be to Ashur!” Yahweh finishes the honey sweetened tea and looks to God.
“To this I agree!” God reaches out a glass to the other siblings and after the sound of glasses touching, drinks the remainder of the glass. “Much respect has been, is not and will always be shown to Ashur.”
The three leave their glasses at the game and move toward their parent Ashur’s home.

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