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“N” Word # 2

Reflecting upon my original “The “N” Word” post as I was listening to George Carlin’s bit on the 7 words you cannot say on TV, I thought to refocus.  There are few things that I will not adjust, alter, or adapt when it comes to the way I view things.  Of the few things that I do not change is my desire to engage with people in a real manner that is helpful to the progress of themselves.  I know, that sounds like a gimmicky statement but it’s relevant to my reevaluation of the “N” word.

George Carlin, in his bit about “7 words” he claims that when discussing the word “tits” he suggests “it (tits) shouldn’t even be on the list.  None of the words should be on the list…”  Should the “N” word be on a list?  I find it offensive, I find it hateful, I find it has been and in many places continues to be a harbinger of evil deeds and I find the use of it indicates the level of of class the user of it employs.  I hesitate to push myself up as though I am an better of a person that anyone else, because, truly, I am humbled by what I have learned from people of all ages, education levels, class levels, races and genders.  However, I fail to not gain the impression that is encouraged by the sigma that the use of that word and words imply.

Here is where my mind is currently and how my mind has adjusted:  There is a time and a place for everything.  In my mind, there isn’t a time or a place for that word as I am offended by it, but I am NOT going to suggest that my sensitivity to language should restrict communication of others if they see fit to use it.  I view the use of all words as a way of communication.  Recalling what Harper Lee’s character Atticus Finch said when counseling his daughter Jean Louise (Scout) on why swearing is not okay, “cussing shows that you are not intelligent to use other language.” (I apologize if I am not accurate in the quote, I’m sure I have gotten the gist, but am not correct with the wording)  Using the reference to To Kill a Mockingbird, a transient and groundbreaking novel that uses the “N” word as a dialectical reference and share the usage of this the word to show the class of the user directs to my point; regardless of this or any words being offensive they communicate many things.

Is there a time where the “N” word is okay, I don’t think so.  I am not going to suggest that I, or anyone has the power to give or restrict someone from giving permission to use that word nor should I be allowed to restrict the usage.  There are times when people do have the ability and/or responsibility to at the least monitor and create order and diction; for instance in a place of business, school, or a place where dignity is expected.  With the use of logic and reconstructing the inverse of the previous statement, the use of the “N” word and other curses show that the user is not dignified.

As I have encouraged Roseanne Barr to utilize her first amendment right to show off how ignorant she is in my post “Kneeling” I encourage anyone to express themselves in any way they want to in any location at any time.  Holding true to my unwavering efforts toward educating people and helping them toward knowing how to benefit themselves I encourage people who I know to evaluate where and when they use any and all types of language.  I choose not to use the “N” word and I request others to not use it around me, I do not want to hear it and hearing it makes me think ill of the user.

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